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Locations - HIT warehouse at Münster

Blickfang Grossbildwerbung / Plasmamonitor, Hameln

HIT warehouse at Münster
Back projection
on Lumin Back projection disc
at the Point of Sale (POS)

Back projection
on Lumin Back projection disc
at the Point of Sale (POS)
at Münster in the HIT warehouse

An impressive large picture advertising at the POS (point of sale) is also possible with daylight. In the HIT warehouse at Münster we are showing on three 50" back projection discs, that you can present large picture projection still very strong in light, rich in contrast and intensive in colour even if many lamps in the surroundings make screen projection nearly impossible.

We project front view on the Lumin projection discs by means of a DLP beamer. The high contrast of these video beamers can be clearly seen on the Lumin back projection discs. An impressive light picture and a clean, elegant solution. The ultra-light projection discs are hanged up with thin steel cable.

The back projection equipment is installed directly behind the cash area. Monthly up to 200.000 visitors of this old established HIT market can still see the advertising spots even if they already put their goods on the conveyor.

Waiting at the Point of Sale becomes an event.

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