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Locations - real,- Warenhaus at Wolfsburg

Blickfang Grossbildwerbung / Plasmamonitor, Hameln

Plasma monitors
in the real,- warehouse at Wolfsburg

Advertising on a large picture screen in the real,- warehouse at Wolfsburg

In the real,- self-service warehouse at Wolfsburg at the Südkopfcenter we will install two plasma monitors with 42" picture diagonal over the cashpoints for a large picture advertising very soon. Advertising spots will be repeated every four minutes and are connected in parallel on both plasma monitors during the total opening hours of the real,- market. We intend to realise this project until 1st mai 2005.

Make use of the possibility to advertise your customers where long waiting periods occur. You will reach your customers in an impressive manner with an animated advertising.

We offer you our advertising at a price of 125,- € per month (plus value-added tax). Min. validity period is 12 months, whereby monthly modifications are free of charge for you. Our general business terms are valid.

Advertising in a warehouse - innovative and strong of attention

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