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The system - revertive-projection

Blickfang Grossbildwerbung / Plasmamonitor, Hameln

revertive projection-screen

In case of revertive projection the picture is being projected on a specially grinded acryllic glas slice by means of a video beamer from behind. From behind you can nearly see nothing, whereas in front of the viewer side you can see an excellent picture.

This system of revertive projection is absolutely suitable for daylight and enable us to show a high-quality and eye-catching advertising spot even of a very high ambient light, for example in case of many neon glow lamps.

Another advantage of this system is, that you can exclude refexion, which you necessarily can see on plasma monitors in case of light ambient light. Moreover a high view angle and the ultra light weight of these revertive projection discs (only approx. 3,6 kg per m²) make them most suitable for the application especially at the point of sale.

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