POS Werbung mit Digital Signage Lösungen im Warenhaus und Verbrauchermarkt, Großbildwerbung und Großbildprojektion von Blickfang Hameln Projektionsanlage mit Leinwand und Beamer Werbung im Einkaufszentrum, Warenhaus Innovative Werbung am POS Werbung auf Plasma-TVs im Fitness-Studio Rückprojektion im Verbrauchermarkt - Bewegte Werbung am Point of Sale POS Werbung: innovativ, eindrucksvoll, aufmerksamkeitsstark
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The system - Basics

Blickfang Grossbildwerbung / Plasmamonitor, Hameln

front view projections
a large picture advertising
by Beamer

We found out soon, that not only a high-quality, most often expensive video beamer or plasma monitor is necessary for the quality and the long-living of a video picture. No, many factors have to be considered in order to be able to hold our high quality claim for the large picture advertising at the Point of Sale.

Due to our long years' experience in the installation of projects as well as our good collaboration with specialists coming from the media and presentation technics we developed continously, so that interruptions are meanwhile absolute exceptions.

We do not belong to those people, who are going to a "Ich bin doch nicht blöd Markt (transl. I am not stupid market)" to look after the absolute super snapper of the week in order to hold the costs of a project very low. We use only high quality professional technics for our projects. Our motto is: we prefer some hundred ANSI-Lumen more with the video beamer or some hundred MB more with the main storage to avoid pale and jerking pictures, as we already saw in our branch of business.

We use each opportunity to adapt our advertising systems to the actual newest status of technology. The visit of trade fairs like the Photokina at Cologne or the CeBit at Hannover are an absolute must.

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